How to Select Color Laser Printer for Small Business Use

Unlike inkjet and black and white laser printers, color laser printer technology and pricing have not reached their matured stage yet because the demand in the consumer market is still developing. The choices of color laser printers that are competitively priced with good printing quality and low maintenance cost are limited.

An entry level or higher end color laser printer for small business use is sold in the market range of about $300 – $500 (not MSRP price). Some printers may be priced in the low $200 range, but they are for household light usage only.

Color Quality
It is important to compare the printout quality of the color printers. There are significant differences from one model to another. There is less difference in the printout quality of black and white laser printers. Most color laser printers can produce comparable quality printouts for general purpose light usage. However, when it comes to commercial printing quality, some brands and models can do better than the others.

Printing Speed
Some cheaper low end models print extremely slowly. To check out the speed of a specific model, you can test print some pages in the retail store. If you are making online purchase, you should compare the printing speed, that is, the maximum pages per minute (ppm) of the printers being considered.

Page yield specification
Page yield means the number of pages that can be printed at 5% coverage. A toner cartridge that has 4000 page yield can print roughly double the number of pages of a toner that has 2000 page yield. Comparing the cost per page of different printer models will give you an objective measure on your selection of printers. As an example, a $60 toner cartridge with a 4000 page yield ($0.015 cost per page) is actually cheaper than a $40 toner cartridge with 2000 page yield ($0.02 cost per page).

Cost of replacement toner
The recurring cost of replacing the laser toner is an important factor in the selection of your color laser printer. There are usually a set of 4 toner cartridges in a color printer: CYMK or cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black). A set of OEM toner cartridges can easily cost from $300 to $400. Compatible laser toners are sold at half of the price of OEM cartridges or at even deeper discounts. Therefore when purchasing your new printer, you should first check the availability and pricing of the compatible toner cartridges of the particular model you want.

Printer Brands
If the availability of competitively priced compatible laser toner cartridges is a significant consideration for you, you will find out that the supply of compatible laser toner cartridges is limited to a few brands, primarily, HP, Brother, Samsung and Canon. HP has over 50% of the market share and offers more choices of color laser printers. Followed remotely behind in the respective market share will be Brother, Samsung and Canon. You will be able to find limited supply of compatible toner cartridges for Dell, Lexmark, OKi, Minolta and Xerox color laser printers.

A Color Laser Printer Review Article

When searching for a color laser printer review be aware that this equipment is not necessarily inexpensive and regardless of whether you choose to go on and purchase one may probably suggest you simply must part with a great amount of cash.

Nevertheless, do not lose hope for the reason that they tend to be definitely well worth the cash. And also in case you are in circumstances where you have to win over one’s customers with noticeable, static reports then color laser printers are generally absolutely well worth the cost, such as Hewlett Packard Laser Printers.

One of several large benefits nowadays is actually that there’s currently formidable competitors for the customer buck therefore this implies you have a powerful position. Actually, there is certainly a touch of purchasing strength right now for the customer when there in no way existed any kind of deals before but now are being got daily. Excellent laser printers coming from a number of the major brands like Hewlett Packard, Minolta, Lexmark, Panasonic and Brother Printers possess capabilities worth their particular cost however what kind would you eventually choose?

We recommend sitting yourself down by your PC and searching with regard to color laser printer reviews regarding what you would like your own equipment to accomplish. Never end up being afraid to enter the brand associated with the actual printer then the term review.

Regardless if you are out to win over customers or perhaps carrying out a college task grayscale does not appear to quite do it justice. Color simply in basic terms appears much better than monochrome for most circumstances. With regard to home based business proprietors, having the ability to provide data to potential customers for instance will certainly leave more of an impact with them should you provide them color instead of a dull document.

Cost-effective is actually an additional term to explain the color laser printers. You may frequently observe this whenever researching testimonials as they quite simply will have a benefit within this region above other types of printers. For example, whilst inkjets usually provide greater quality with regard to color photographs as well as provide you with vivid radiant colors, envision the price of carrying this out whenever there’s any more than several to complete. It is nearly price too high for private use.

This isn’t actually a problem pertaining to color laser printers which often can manage significant quantities within an affordable style. This really is one thing to essentially think about when looking for one. And also do not be concerned, quality concerns from times long gone are simply that and color laser print resolutions nowadays are wonderful, specifically for more compact pictures.

HP Color Laser Printer Reviews – Based on Price Per Page

The price per page is most likely one of the key elements of a printer’s quality. In the color laser printer segment, HP appears to have a monopoly of kinds in terms of low price per page printers. Here is a summary of the greatest low price laser color printers from HP.

HP 3600 Printer

The HP Color Laser printer comes with print speed of 17 pages per minute. However, exactly what makes these color laser printers get noticed is in their price per page. When compared with the majority of traditional one-pass printers in the laser printer segment, this printer is definitely the cheapest on price per page. To print in black, you  will spend only a cent per page. While to print in color, you will spend around 9 cents per page. In the market you will find this printer cost between 465 to 562 USD.

HP CM1312nfi MFP Printer

The CM1312nfi MFP printer comes with price tag on $499. It is very suitable for small business scales because the price is very affordable. This printer is equipped with an 10/100 Ethernet and USB connection which make it possible for workgroups. To print in black, you will spend 3.2 cents per page. While to print in color, you will spend around 16.9 cents.

HP CP2025dn Printer

The CP2025dn comes with print speed of 17 pages per minute. It is also equipped with duplexer feature that allows you printing on both sides, and 10/100 Ethernet and USB connection which allows you making it for workgroups. To print in black, you will spend 2.5 cent per page. While to print in color, you will spend 4.3 cents per page. cents. These prices are very competitive and reasonable. In the market, you will find this printer is tagged around $499.

HP 1500L Printer

The 1500L printer costs between $149 to $199. It has ability to print 5,000 pages for black and 4,000 pages for color. The black ink cartridge of this printer costs $83 while the color ink cartridges of this printer cost $100. So to print in black, you will spend about 1.6 cents per page. While to print in color, you will spend about 2.5 cents per page.

HP 2600n Printer

The 2600n printer costs between 295 to 529 USD. When compared with other HP color laser printers, this printer possesses the most expensive price per page at 5 cents for black print and 22 cents for color print. It is because the price of its ink cartridges is really expensive and therefore substitution of the printer is more making sense than changing ink cartridges when they are used up. The existence of technology known as Instant-On Fusing and also a network interface help to make this printer a good choice for small enterprises.